Celebrity Wedding Rings

It is a genuine business with regards to relationship. Regardless of on the off chance that you are a working lady or a straightforward teacher or some notable big name, each lady considers it important when the time comes to get hitched. The occasion like marriage is essential for each lady and it's the wedding band which is most imperative more than the occasion. Here are the most costly VIP wedding bands you can find in this article they spend a fortune only for a little shake and metal. 
VIP wedding bands of Beyoncé are the most costly of all famous people. Extreme extravagant and beautiful valuable gems spent by the spouse Jay Z to ruin his better half. Jay Z spends $ 5,000,000 for the ring given to Beyoncé. The 18-carat jewels enhance 20 carat unadulterated white gold ring. 
Paris Hilton 
Prestigious for her costly taste, Paris Hilton is a dubious ruined rich young lady instead of renowned celeb. Hilton wears a standout amongst the most costly big name wedding bands given by her sweetheart Latsis, when they get hitched. The 24 carat jewel decorated amidst the unadulterated white gold ring that cost $4,700,000. No one would miss to see the ring on Hilton's finger because of the span of the precious stone. 
Melania Knauss 
The ring of the third spouse of Donald trump Melania Knauss is the most costly VIP wedding bands. Mr. Trump gave the ring that is made of the most important and clearest and valuable precious stones to his new lady of the hour. He burned through $2,000,000 at the cost of the ring given as a statement of affection to his third spouse. 
Kim Kardashian 
Kim Kardashian was given a ring that cost $2,000,000 by her previous spouse Kris Humphries. It endured just for 75 days for marriage between the two as the miserable part and Kim did not give back the superstar wedding bands to Kris after the separation. 
Jacqueline Kennedy 
A standout amongst the most costly superstar wedding bands is the ring given to the adoration for his life Jacqueline Kennedy by previous leader of US. The ring that value $1,500,000 is made of unadulterated gold with precious stones complimenting the entire ring square cut revolving around 21 carat emerald encrust in the center. 
Jennifer Lopez 
The ring of Jennifer Lopez given by Ben Affleck to her is a standout amongst the most costly superstar wedding bands. Ben Affleck burned through $1,200,000 for the ring he provided for his cherished spouse.