Comfort Zone

Only Diamonds strives to ease the diamond shopping experience

Now that jewelers are welcoming instead of dreading the educated diamond consumer, a new jewelry chain promotes education and pressure-free sales as a matter of policy.

Only Diamonds is the new retail business by former Sterling Inc. CEO Nathan Light that specializes in – you guessed it – diamond jewelry.

The company says its first four stores – in Cleveland and North Canton, OH; Atlanta, GA; and Las Vegas, NV – have five times the amount of inventory as an average jewelry store. But the chain's marketing effort is based on making shoppers more comfortable than they might be in an average jewelry store. Strategies include:

  • Technology. To briefly plow through the romance to get to the practicalities, each store has computers that measure and demonstrate the clarity, color, cut and proportion of the diamonds. The stores also use GemVision, a computer system that allows customers to design their own jewelry.
  • Trained staff. The Gemological Institute of America is training all sales associates for Only Diamonds.
  • Pressure-free sales. Salespeople, or "diamond consultants," do not work on commission and are trained to create a less-pressured environment.
  • Personalized services. Customers can register their gift ideas in the electronic "Diamond Dream Registry," enjoy complimentary refreshments while they shop or look at selections in private viewing rooms.