US Polished Market Declines in 2017

US polished-diamond buying and selling slowed ultimate year, in keeping with government statistics. 
Polished imports dropped 6% to $21.62 billion and, with the aid of volume, slid nine% to 9.8 million carats. 
The average price accelerated 4% to $2,205 in step with carat. 
Polished exports fell four% to $18.02 billion, while internet polished imports —
 the excess of imports over exports — slipped 14% to $3.sixty one billion. 
tough imports for the year were up 23% to $1.06 billion, whilst tough exports grew
 fifty four% to $938 million. internet tough imports plummeted fifty one% to $123 million. 
the united states internet diamond account — the sum of rough and polished imports minus general exports
 — declined 16% to $3.73 billion. 
Polished-diamond imports for December fell 4% 12 months on year to $1.48 billion,
 with polished exports down 2% at $1.33 billion. internet polished imports for December 
slumped 19% to $147 million.