New Technology in Diamond Analysis

I see to enterprise has advanced a generation that works as a retail selling resource permitting shoppers to degree the beauty of a diamond past its classically graded properties. A diamond's splendor is its promoting excellent and may differentiate among diamonds graded alike is that something that makes an superb diamond outshine the others. Isee2 generation can make such element evaluation.

How it works

The technology is based totally on a software that analyzes the diamond with the assist of  gadgets: one measuring the reduce best aspects at the same time as the opposite is a high power magnifier used to study the ionized inscription at the desk of each I see to diamond. The diamond is scanned by a camera that sends the pictures to a pc which methods 48 specific lighting positions all through its calculations. accordingly are made goal reviews of: the amount of mild back from the diamond , the diploma of comparison between the 57 sides and the exceptional of the reduce (brilliance, scintillation and symmetry). Diamonds' appearance range when observed in diffuse/ambient mild conditions. strong light situations emphasize fireplace and scintillation while in softer light the optical symmetry is emphasised greater. In contrast to BrillianceScope, I see to plays its evaluation in diffuse light situations. Diamonds that perform nicely on I see to evaluation will appearance smashing in softer mild situations. If the diamond is nicely graded at the BrillianceScope it'll appearance stunning in direct mild situations. This era helps the selection decision by allowing buyers to be satisfied of the traits of a stone all by using themselves with out the help of a layman.