Why are Diamonds Costly Especially in the Case of Jewelry?

Diamonds are everyone's favorite. There are many people who dream of buying diamond jewelry. But the high price of the diamond does not let everyone fulfills their dream. There are many people who compromise their dream because of the high price of the diamond sets. Although, I have discussed some other topic about diamonds but this one is quite a different one. Previously, I have written about history of diamonds, different colors of diamonds, etc. And now I did a little research to find some core facts about that expensiveness of diamonds. I found some on Internet and after analyzing all of them I decoded to share it with the world.

This question often mess with some people that what actually makes a diamond expensive. And we all know that diamonds are generally used to make out fashionable as well as classy jewelry for girls and women. But what actually makes those thing expensive I will explain with the help of this article.

Diamonds are one of the most expensive metals known in the world. But, not many of us are aware of the real reasons that count for the high price of diamonds. Everyone has their own perception related to the high price of the diamonds but no one holds the real reasons that can support the high price of the stone. The increased demand for diamonds is considered as one of the reason. Though, there are many reasons that talks for the high price of the diamond jewelry, the following are the reasons why diamonds are costly especially in the case of being used for jewelry.

  1. Diamonds are rare to find: The main reason that is ranked on top of the list is the reason that diamonds are rare to find. Diamonds are not easily found. Though with the advanced technology and methodologies, diamonds can be made by artificial methods but even today the real diamonds that are found and extracted from the earth's crust are hard to find. Since the real diamonds are hard to find and consume a lot of time, they are quite expensive in the market.
  2. Symbol of higher standards: Diamonds are till date considered being the stone of the rich society. The middle-class people really have to struggle a lot to turn their dream of buying a diamond into reality. Since the majority of the buyers of the diamond are the people of the upper-middle class society or the rich society, it is considered as a stone that signifies their higher standard of living and thus costs higher than the other stones.
  3. Time-consuming process: While diamonds possess excellence, it is not an easy job to craft the diamonds. The entire process is very time consuming and requires a lot of expertise to find, extract and craft the diamond in the right manner without causing any damage. According to jewelry notes, since the diamonds take a long effort full process and time to reach to the people, the manufacturers and dealers charge the high price for this amazing stone.
  4. Cutting the diamond: Diamond jewelry is all about using the specific cuts and designs to get the proper and desired shape. and since, the cuts of the diamonds is one of an essential characteristic of the diamond, any specific desire and design for the diamond jewelry often result in a higher price of the stone. The experts say that it is the cut in the diamond jewelry that makes the diamond unique and better than the other available designs, thus, there are no points in guessing that why the diamonds possess higher price in the jewelry market.